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Stage 1 Pre-exchange of Contracts  
We will carry out the following on your behalf:

• Make contact with the seller’s solicitors to obtain the sale contract and any other relevant supporting documentation.
• Send out our terms of business (Client Care letter) explaining what your next steps are. This will contain information regarding the different types of ways that you can hold the property as joint owners (if applicable).
• Obtain Searches. The searches that we carry out as standard in the majority of transactions are: a local authority search, a water and drainage search, an environmental search, and chancel check.
• Once we have received the contractual documentation and the results of your searches carried out on your behalf we shall check the legal title to the property.
• Make any relevant enquiries arising out of checking both the legal title and your search results.
• Receive your mortgage offer and take any action your lender might require.
• Send you details of covenants and also relevant matters affecting your property and results of your searches.
• Ask that you attend our office to sign and discuss all relevant paperwork. Take your instructions as to how you want to hold the property as joint-owners (if applicable).
• Carry out Land Registry and Land Charges searches.
• Advise you of any balance purchase monies required.
You will be required to:

• Provide us with documents to meet our identity requirements as soon as possible.
• Make sure all relevant documentation and search fees are returned to us at your earliest convenience as per our Client Care letter.
• Make sure that you have completed and returned all relevant documents with your lender to confirm that you are accepting the terms of your mortgage offer.
• Arrange for buildings insurance and ensure that you have discussed whether any other insurance is necessary such as life/critical illness insurance with your mortgage broker or other financial institution.
• Attend our office to sign the necessary documentation. It is possible for documentation to be dealt with through postal and electronic means, however, we feel our clients benefit from a face to face meeting.
• Arrange for us to have your deposit if applicable.

Your Mortgage provider will be required to:

• Carry out a survey and valuation at your property and we recommend that you discuss the various surveys available and ensure you are satisfied with the state and condition of the property.
• Approve your mortgage application.
• Send us a copy of your mortgage offer confirming that we are instructed to act for them.
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Stage 2 Exchange of Contracts  
We will carry out the following on your behalf:

• Agree a date for completion that is suitable to both you and your seller (if you have a related sale, this date would also usually have to be tied in).
• Once a date has been agreed, we exchange contracts with your seller’s solicitors.
• Exchanging of contracts means that you are legally bound to buy the property on a set date (the completion date) unless the contract specifies otherwise. Your completion date (that is when you collect the keys) will usually be set for a specific date after the exchange of contracts.
• Order your funds from your lender (if applicable) for the date of completion. Your mortgage advance is sent to us by your lender in time for completion.
You will be required to:

• Ensure that your property is adequately insured. We will notify you of your obligation of the date at which you are to insure the property from. Please be aware that any buildings insurance must be in accordance with the terms of your mortgage offer.

Your Mortgage provider will be required to:

• Pay your mortgage funds into our nominated account on the date requested.
Stage 3 Completion  
We will carry out the following on your behalf:

• Forward the monies required to your seller’s solicitors on the day of completion.
• Submit your land transaction return form to the Inland Revenue (stamp duty) on your behalf. The amount of stamp duty will be subject to the current government legislation. We will send your funds on your behalf along with your land transaction return form. Both your form and your funds will be submitted electronically.
• Receive a land transfer document and usually a number of title deeds from your seller’s solicitors.
• Register your ownership and any charge(s) (mortgage(s)) with the Land Registry.
• If required, forward any deeds and documents to your lender that they might require.
• Send a copy of the register showing your name(s) and a copy of your land transaction return form (stamp duty) and certificate to you.
• If you have ticked the box in your opening letter that you want us to store your deeds, then these will be stored in our strong room.
You will be required to:

• Collect your keys. (these are usually collected from the estate agent).
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