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Stage 1 Pre-exchange of Contracts  
We will carry out the following on your behalf:

• Send you our terms of business (Client Care letter) with a number of documents which would usually include a Property Information Form, and a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents form.
• Apply for your title deeds from your lender (if applicable) and order up to date official copies of the register of your property from the Land Registry.
• Issue a draft contract for your buyer’s solicitors approval enclosing any documentation that we think would be likely to assist them in making their enquiries.
• Reply to any enquiries that your seller’s solicitors might raise.
• Approve the draft Land Transfer document received from your buyer’s solicitors.
• Once the contract and transfer have been approved, we will make an appointment with you to attend our office to sign the necessary documentation.
You will be required to:

• Provide us with documents to meet our identity requirements as soon as possible.
• Complete all relevant documents sent to you which would usually consist of signing and returning your copy terms of business (Client Care letter), a Property Information Form, Fixtures, Fittings, and Contents form, seller’s Overriding Interests form.

Your Mortgage provider will be required to:

• If applicable, send us your title deeds.
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For further information visit the Contact Us page or alternatively please email Katie Basey:

Stage 2 Exchange of Contracts  
We will carry out the following on your behalf:

• Agree a date for completion that is suitable for both you and your buyer (if you have a related purchase this date would also usually have to be tied in).
• Once a date has been agreed we exchange contracts with your buyer’s solicitors.
• Exchange of Contracts means that you are legally bound to sell the property on a set date (the completion date) unless the contract specifies otherwise. Your completion date (that is when the keys are handed over) will usually be set on a specific date after exchange of contracts.
• Order a final redemption figure (the amount you are required to repay on your mortgage) from your lender (if applicable).
You will be required to:

• Confirm the dates you wish to exchange and complete on, so that we are able put this date forward to your buyer’s solicitors.

Your Mortgage provider will be required to:

• Send us a final repayment figure.
Stage 3 Completion  
We will carry out the following on your behalf:

• Receive purchase monies from your buyer’s solicitors.
• Pay off any outstanding mortgage(s) or additional loans, if applicable.
• Forward your signed transfer deed, title deeds and documents to your seller’s solicitors.
• Forward any remaining balance to you after taking into account any mortgage(s) or additional loans, our account, and your Estate Agent fees.
• Forward evidence of discharge of your mortgage(s) or additional borrowing, if applicable, to your buyer’s solicitors.
You will be required to:

• Lodge your keys (Usually with your estate agent).
• Clear the property of all items including rubbish in the property, the garden, and the outbuildings.
• Move out of your property as soon as we have confirmed to you that, completion has taken place.

Your Mortgage provider will be required to:

• Provide evidence that your mortgage has been discharged. This will be carried out either directly with the Land Registry or manually (in paper form) through us.
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