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An Overview of Wills  
There are various different kinds of will any of which may suit your particular circumstances and requirements:

• A simple Will may leave everything to a named beneficiary or to children when they attain a specified age.
• Married couples will often make Mirror Wills whereby they each leave their estate to the other but, should that other not be alive upon their death their estate will be left to their children on attaining a specific age or to other named relatives and beneficiaries.
Discretionary Trust Wills - a Trust is created within the Will which comes into effect on the death of the client and into which may be placed funds and assets for the benefit of a number of beneficiaries at the discretion of your chosen Trustees.
In your will, you will appoint executors who are responsible for administering your estate, that is getting in the assets and paying off any debts including funeral expenses and distributing the net assets to the beneficiaries named in your will and in accordance with its terms. Executors may be trusted friends or relatives or alternatively you may instruct Alexander & Co to act in this capacity either solely or jointly with a friend or relative. Appointing Alexander & Co to act as your executor will give you certainty that your estate will be administered professionally and efficiently by experienced, WIQS accredited solicitors. In our capacity as professional executors we are entirely independent and this means that, if for any reason a dispute arises during the administration of your estate, we will always act in the best interests of your estate.

Minor amendments to an existing Will can be made by means of a Codicil, e.g. to revoke a legacy, change an Executor or add in an extra Beneficiary.

This is a brief summary regarding Wills and the importance of making a Will cannot be underestimated in order to ensure that your estate passes to the persons you wish on death. Please contact Tim Dysterre-Clark or Andrea Gilman at our office who will provide you with advice and assistance in all aspects of making your Will to include, where appropriate, making a home visit with all work being undertaken in a confidential and caring manner.
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